PathSensors' Pathogen Detection is Fast, Accurate and Easy.

PathSensors, Inc. is a leading biotechnology and environmental testing company. We are developing a suite of mobile bio-detection technologies that can quickly detect the Ebola virus accurately, onsite, in minutes, and with higher specificity than current commercially available technologies.

The mobile PathSensors systems are easy to use, require minimal training and can detect infectious pathogens (virus, bacteria or toxin) from safely obtained samples.

For more information on our suite of pathogen detection systems, please contact us at 443.557.6150 or

PathSensors - Ebola detection in minutes - detect infectious pathogens - virus, bacteria or toxin detection.  Mail system, Food processing, surface pathogen detection


Using CANARY® technology licensed from the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory, PathSensor's products deliver extremely rapid detection of more than 25 pathogens at previously unattainable levels of speed and sensitivity.

Government organizations and private industries currently use our systems for monitoring, detection and identification of pathogens in the following applications:

Surface Pathogens
Zephyr Pathogen Identifier

PathSensors’ NEW Zephyr Pathogen Identifier incorporates CANARY® technology and provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of biological threat agents (bacteria, viruses, and toxins) from surface samples. learn more


PathSensors’ BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier is an integrated biological aerosol collector and identification system that is available for rapid, sensitive detection and identification of biological threat agents. learn more


PathSensors’ BioFlash-AF®, incorporating CANARY® technology, provides rapid, sensitive detection and identification of foodborne pathogens and toxins from environmental or food products.  learn more



January 13, 2016Ted Olsen Appointed to Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board

December 14, 2015PathSensors Awarded Contract from US Department of Homeland Security

November 17, 2015PathSensors Awarded 3 year Contract from US Department of Defense

September 28, 2015PathSensors receives SBIR grant from USDA

March 2015 – Zephyr Pathogen Identifier System – Portable Bacteria, Virus, Toxin Detection.