Who We Are

PathSensors is a leading biotechnology and environmental testing company. Using CANARY® technology licensed from the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory, our products deliver extremely rapid detection of more than 25 pathogens at previously unattainable levels of speed and sensitivity.

How We Protect You

BioFlash aerosol pathogen detector

Building Protection

Integrated into a CBRNe suite or used as a standalone instrument, our BioFlash Pathogen Identifier is widely adaptable to building biosecurity applications.

Portable Zephyr liquid and surface sample pathogen identifier

Biothreat Response

Our Zephyr Pathogen Identifier is modular, mobile and delivers results in minutes. The system is ideal for responding to bioterror events in the field.

Plant pathogen detection assays

Plant Disease Diagnostics

In collaboration with the USDA, PathSensors has developed a number of assays for harmful plant diseases, in a single sample and high throughput format.

In The News

Report by U.S. Government Research Scientists Confirms Bio Terror Threat Detection Capabilities of PathSensor’s CANARY Technology

February 23rd, 2017

Pacific National Northwest Laboratory researchers find CANARY Technology had best detection sensitivity for Ricin and Anthrax of any comparable technology evaluated.
Baltimore biotech firm, PathSensors, Inc., announced today that in a published evaluation of multiple immunoassay-based threat detection technologies by researchers from the Pacific National Northwest Laboratory (PNNL), a U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory, PathSensors’ CANARY® biosensor threat detection technology was found to have the best level of detection (LOD) for two bio terror threats, Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) and Ricin. Read More

PathSensors Launches Low Cost, High Speed Anthrax and Bio Threat Detection Solution for Mail Security Screening

December 15th, 2016

BioFlash™ MailGuard™ Detects Anthrax, Ricin and Other Bio Threats in Mail and Suspicious Powders At Fraction of Cost of Alternative Solutions
Baltimore bio tech firm, PathSensors, Inc., announced today the launch of its new BioFlash MailGuard mail security screening solution. The BioFlash MailGuard system provides a fast, highly accurate, easy to use and low cost threat detection solution for government and commercial mail room operations that need to screen mail and packages for potential threats such as anthrax. The system is now in use at a major commercial mail room screening facility thanks to PathSensor’s initial launch customer, a global document management company. Read More