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Surface Pathogens

Zephyr Pathogen Identifier

PathSensors’ NEW Zephyr Pathogen Identifier incorporates CANARY® technology and provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of biological threat agents (bacteria, viruses, and toxins) from surface samples. more


PathSensors’ BioFlash-E® Biological Identifier is an integrated biological aerosol collector and identification system that is available for rapid, sensitive detection and identification of biological threat agents. more


PathSensors’ BioFlash-AF®, incorporating CANARY® technology, provides rapid, sensitive detection and identification of foodborne pathogens and toxins from environmental or food products.  more


RECENT NEWS:Food Engineering

October 7, 2014 – Defense technology now applied in the food industry.

MD Biz News

July 18, 2014 – SNNLive spoke with Ted Olsen, President of Pathsensors, Inc. at the BioMaryland Booth at the BIO International Conference 2014.